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Looking Back…

We are excited to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary for owning Garland Goat Soap of Vermont! So much has happened during these past 10 years…so many new experiences and new opportunities. Being able to meet the needs of each one of  you, our loyal costumers, has been the greatest joy of all. We are […]

Four Simple Secrets for Healthy, Youthful, Skin

-Written by Arielle Hebert Everyone wants healthy, youthful, vibrant skin.  Just take a look at the amount of money spent in the cosmetics and skincare industry and you’ll realize it’s a high priority of most folks.  What many people don’t realize, however, is that most of the beauty products they slather on every day contain […]

Welcome November!

Time to get out the extra blankets and put on extra layers of clothing! November is here. This time of year is best enjoyed inside a warm house while getting lists of indoor projects done! So, what is happening at Garland Goat Soap? I’m glad you asked! The Lord has been blessing us abundantly with […]

The Wonderful Benefits of Natural Body Products!

In our last newsletter we announced our Calendula~Aloe cream is back by popular demand. When we discontinued it, we heard from several of you that you cannot live without it.  Our new Calendula~Aloe cream is made with the same natural ingredients.  We prepare an infusion of olive oil and chamomile flowers, allowing two to three […]

And the Winners Are…

We are pleased to announce that Stella G., Marie R., Ammi S., and Jonathan M. are the winners of our kid guess contest!  They all correctly guessed that Sunshine would have 2 bucks and 1 doe! Congratulations to all of you!     Sunshine waited to have her kids until Dad, Mom, I got back […]

Kid Guess Contest #2!

Our next Kid Guess Contest has begun!  This one will be different in one aspect: We only have three bars of soap to give away this time, so the first three correct guesses will win the free bars of soap. If there are four or more correct guesses, the extra names will be listed with […]

And the Winners Are…

We are pleased to announce that Lori T., Jacob V., Renee & Julia F., Bonnie B., Brian M., and Wendy P., are the winners for our February Kid Guess Contest!! They correctly guessed that Clover would have twins: a buck and a doe.  Congratulations to each one of you!     Clover had her kids […]

Kid Guess Contest 2019!!

Kidding season at Garland Goat Soap of Vermont is just about to begin! Have you ever enjoyed a baby goat? If not, you don’t know how cute they are!!  Usually a few days before the kids are due, everyone wants to check on the goats and see if the kids are born yet.  There is […]

Thanksgiving in Vermont!

What first comes to mind when hearing about Thanksgiving in Vermont?  Is it a frosty morning filled with dinner preparations? Or perhaps a table filled with a delicious verity of foods…especially the plump turkey in the center? Or the baking of pies, dinner rolls, and a myriad of other delectable dainties in preparation for family […]

Are You Wanting a Baby Goat, but Don’t Know Where to get it?

We have a solution for you!  Three of our girls born this spring are looking for new homes! We are asking $95 for each.  They are off milk and eat hay, grass, and grain.  They have also been dis budded. If you are interested or would like more information, please email us at: [email protected]

April News!

Happy Spring and Happy April!  It is finally beginning to feel like spring is…almost here:)  While it is still a bit chilly; the birds have come back and are joyfully proclaiming that it is time to start preparing for warm weather.  We even heard one spring peeper the other night!  Exciting times for sure:)  Since the last post, […]

Happy Spring…and…Welcome to…

Izzi, a new registered American Alpine doe, has joined our herd! We purchased Izzi a few weeks ago and she has made a smooth transition into our herd.  Even though she looks a lot like Clover, she has a much sweeter and quieter disposition.  She is due in just one week!  We are looking forward […]