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Welcome November!

Time to get out the extra blankets and put on extra layers of clothing! November is here. This time of year is best enjoyed inside a warm house while getting lists of indoor projects done!

So, what is happening at Garland Goat Soap?

I’m glad you asked! The Lord has been blessing us abundantly with orders from our faithful retail and wholesale customers as well as orders from new customers. We love to hear stories of how our customers are enjoying the soaps, lotions, lip balms, or creams. We have been working a lot on behind the scenes work on the websites, in the office, in the shipping department, and production realm. There is never a dull moment here. Soap continues to be made almost every week as we stock our shelves for the remainder of the year. Planning for this Christmas season as well as 2020 is also underway for the business. We look forward to what God has in store.

Cleaning Day in the soap production area!
Wrapping soap…

Our goats, Clover and Sunshine, are due to have kids in early March! Look for the “Kid Guess Contests” then. Both goats are still faithfully providing enough milk for all our soap and lotion with enough for us to use on the home-front. A couple weeks ago, several of us enjoyed a quick hour of cleaning out goat pens. With all of us working together, it was done very quickly and we had a great time doing it!

Matthew and Daniel cleaned out the bucks pen and…
Joshua, Hannah, and I cleaned out the other goat pen.
Daniel with Benson our friendly steer.
These two are inseparable.

October through December is a great time of year as well as a bustling time of activity. We’ve been prepping indoors and outdoors for winter weather, picking apples, planning Thanksgiving and Christmas, and everything else in between. The school books have not had a chance to collect dust either:) Study continues to take precedence thanks to Mom, Pamela, and Hannah’s faithful teaching! Things change over time and our home is not an exception. We thank the Lord for each other and the time we get to enjoy together. We never know what a year may bring. He has so faithfully guided our family in the past and continues to do so each day!

Bringing in wood for the winter…
Apple picking.
Craft Fairs in Belmont
Belmont Cider Days
Art in the Park, Rutland
The three of us girls at a friend’s wedding…
Vermont beauty at the close of yet another wonderful October day!

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – J. H. Bryant

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