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And the Winners Are…

We are pleased to announce that Lori T., Jacob V., Renee & Julia F., Bonnie B., Brian M., and Wendy P., are the winners for our February Kid Guess Contest!! They correctly guessed that Clover would have twins: a buck and a doe.

 Congratulations to each one of you!

“This snow is hard to walk in!”


  Clover had her kids Tuesday afternoon. We worked quickly to dry them off and get them under the heat lamp since it was fairly cold outside. Both kids are very strong and healthy and have adapted quickly to the bottle. By the time they were a day old, they were exploring the barn and getting their first sample of the snow…which they didn’t like very much:)


Our next doe to have her kids will be Sunshine! Be on the alert for another contest email.

Until then, Enjoy the remainder of February!