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Thanksgiving in Vermont!

What first comes to mind when hearing about Thanksgiving in Vermont?  Is it a frosty morning filled with dinner preparations? Or perhaps a table filled with a delicious verity of foods…especially the plump turkey in the center? Or the baking of pies, dinner rolls, and a myriad of other delectable dainties in preparation for family and friends to come?

These and many more activities describe Thanksgiving in Vermont and in our home!  The anticipation builds as the day draws steadily closer. Lists are written and checked off as jobs are accomplished, a menu is written and invitations to family and friends are extended.

Many of the main preparations are finished the day before as everyone joins in on the final touches.

Whether Thanksgiving Day dawns bright and frosty, snowy, or rainy; an air of festivity reigns inside. The smell of turkey baking wafts through the house along with the sounds of the hustle and bustle of last minute preparations.

The table is set, the place cards distributed, and the finger foods placed out on the counter.  At last everything is ready for the guests to arrive!Thanksgiving in our family is a time spent with family and friends focusing on all God has blessed us with, the trials He has so graciously brought us through, and His wonderful Salvation through Christ alone!  Much conversation, singing, laughter, and general enjoyment of each other happens amidst the eating of Thanksgiving pies and the playing of games.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from the Moore family at Garland Goat Soap of Vermont!