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April News!

Happy Spring and Happy April!  It is finally beginning to feel like spring is…almost here:)  While it is still a bit chilly; the birds have come back and are joyfully proclaiming that it is time to start preparing for warm weather.  We even heard one spring peeper the other night!  Exciting times for sure:)  Since the last post, three more kids have been added to the herd!  Izzi had a buck and a doe and Touché had a cute little buckling. 

Saying hello!

The past week has been especially hectic on the farm side of things as there were some complications with Touché’s kidding.  We are thanking the Lord that all is well now and the farm work has returned to as normal as possible right now with seven kids to bottle feed throughout the day and five does in milk!

This striking little guy will be taking the place of our current buck.


This picture describes the kind of energy we have in the barn right now:)

  All the baby goats are doing lots of eating and growing. Daniel built a cute little shelter for the them so that they can be outside during the day.  They love nibbling on the little bits of green grass and playing “king of the mountain”.  They also have done lots of sleeping all cuddled up together:) 


Staying warm
They love the little shelter! It is just their size:)



Dad, Mom, and I had a wonderful time together in Maine for the spring wholesale show a few weeks ago.  The Lord blessed us abundantly and we are now filling and shipping orders.  The times we were able to spend together at the booth and hotel were so enjoyable!  We also enjoyed speaking with other vendors and getting new ideas for the next shows.

In Portland Maine
Filling Lotion orders
The Lord has truly blessed!

 Sugaring season has also come to an end.  Caleb, Hannah, Joshua, Matthew, and Daniel got everything cleaned up and put away last week. 

Pamela, the boys, and Hannah spent many                               hours boiling sap.


End of season clean-up.

As this post has been written over the past few weeks:)…things have changed a bit!  We are now in the middle of a wind and ice storm!  A messy, slick snow/ice combination is now covering the ground.  The little crocus buds, glazed over with a clear layer of ice, are waiting to be set free to bloom!  We will thaw out eventually…

                                       I’ll end with a few pictures of Shadow!  She loves to give hugs:)


                                                               Enjoy the remainder of April!


Daniel and Shadow