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And the Winner is…

We are happy to announce that Carol F.  was the closest to guessing correctly for this year’s Kid Guess Contest! Sunshine surprised us with, not three, but four cute and healthy little does!!

Sunshine is a great mama goat and was getting the kids all cleaned up and dried off before we arrived on the scene.  I moved her over to the kidding pen early Sunday morning, and by 1 p.m all four does were born.  They are strong and range from around 2.5-5 lbs!  With help from a few nieces and a nephew, we were able to give these does some fun spring names!…even if it isn’t spring yet:)

     These two are the smallest and really enjoy                                                 eating!


We are excited to welcome to our farm: Apple, Blossom, Cherry, and Berry!

 Thank you again, to all who participated in our 2018 Kid Guessing Contest.

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  1. Can’t believe she had FOUR. My six year old granddaughter INSISTED she was having 4 even though I told her I’d never heard of that many. (she guessed two bucks and two does though. Ha! ) What fun this is. Congratulations Sunshine!

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